The Official iOS 16 All the New Features That will Blow Your Mind

iOS 16 All the New Features that will blow your mind

The Official iOS 16 All the New Features

i OS 16 beta is officially out. iOS 16 All the New Features | In this Article, we’re going to Review some of the major features that this new update from Apple has to offer.

Lock Screen

iOS 16 All the New FeaturesYou can now totally customize the look of your lock screen and save multiple versions of your lock screen to switch between whenever you want to change things up.

So if you long press on your lock screen, you’ll get the option to customize the current lock screen that you have set up or create a new one.

iOS 16 All the New Features



iOS 16 All the New Features

Apple has already loaded the menu with a bunch of different categories of interactive wallpapers. And again, I’d imagine this list will be more robust when third-party developers can get their hands on this.

But right now, we have a few limited options to choose from. And then once you find the interactive wallpaper that you might like, you can customize the type, base, and color of the clock, you can add supported widgets, and you can even link focus modes, which speaking of focus modes, that’s our next featured update for iOS 16.

As I just mentioned, you can now link focus modes as part of the new update to different lock screens. And with that, you can set up now different focus filters for applications so that info you might need for work will only show up when you have your work focus mode filter on, or if you have entertainment, your entertainment filter information will show up, etc.


iOS 16 All the New FeaturesNotifications on lock screen on iOS 16 also got a pretty big overhaul. For starters, it takes up a lot less of your display so that you can kind of focus on your wallpaper and not have your lock screen bogged down with a bunch of notifications. In fact, notifications now roll in from the bottom and they stay grouped like that.

iOS 16 All the New Features

But now you can sort of swipe up on that stack to see the rest of your notifications. Or swipe down to hide your notifications and it kind of hides right in between your flashlight and camera and it just says however many notifications you have currently available to look at. These notifications are pretty nice and help reduce clutter so that you can still view other info that you might need on your new custom lock screen.


iOS 16 All the New Features

The home app also got a huge redesign and it looks entirely different with an updated layout that makes it so much easier to view and control your devices all on one screen. Your favorites and your rooms are all on the same main home tab and the categories at the top give you quick access to things like lights, climate control, security products, and more. I think this looks so much better.

And if you have some home kit cameras. You can now see at least four of them kind of in this grouped little four or two by two thumbnail view. And you kind of just get easy access to all of your cameras without having to go into a specific room or swipe between different favorites or whatever it might be. You can now just kind of get a quick glance at multiple cameras at once.

iCloud Library

iOS 16 All the New Features

Look up and translate any text that you might see in the video and just select it like you normally would when using the Live Text feature for Photos just now on Videos with iCloud Shared Photo Library. Up to six family members can now share photos with one another seamlessly. Photos can be uploaded to the shared album automatically based on the parameters that you set, and you can even upload directly to the Shared Library from the Camera app.

So you’re taking a photo in real-time, you can toggle on the Shared Library icon and it automatically just sends those pictures to your shared library.


iOS 16 All the New Features

The Maps app now supports multiple stops, so now you can plan a trip like I’m doing here, from, say, Cleveland to Disney World, which is a trip that I’ll actually be making later this summer. But now I can see what things might be like when adding in our extra stops along the way, which is pretty helpful. And you can do this in CarPlay as well by asking Siri to add a stop.

iOS 16 All the New Features



Mail Apps got a few nice major upgrades that put the app more in line with third-party Mail apps. You can now undo Mail so that the Mail refrains from sending, you can mark emails for follow-up reminders so that you can remember to reach out to that person in the future, and you have the ability to schedule emails that can be sent at a later date. Mail now supports rich links, and it will also alert you if you’ve mentioned an attachment but forgotten to add it. Also, the search engine and Mail has been improved greatly and so these are just some really nice and much needed updates to the Mail app and it’s across all Mac OS, iPad OS and iOS.

Image Visual Lookup

iOS 16 All the New Features

Image Visual Lookup Apple added this new Visual Lookup feature that lets you grab the subject of an image, isolate it from the background, and drag it onto another app. And it works automatically and it works incredibly well for the fact that it’s in a beta and it’s super easy to use. And you can use this in Photos, Safari, Screenshots and more. I mean, it’s absolutely wild.

iOS 16 All the New Features

All you do is just long press on the subject of the image and it immediately separates it from the background and then you can just drag it and drop it into the new Word document that you might have up or Messages box, whatever the case may be. And this is something that people would spend some time doing in Photoshop isolating something from a background that Apple has somehow figured out a way to do with one tap, which is mind-boggling.


The Messages app got a huge boost in features with the ability to edit a text after it has been sent. You can also undo or delete the message entirely up to 15 minutes after a message was sent. And you can also mark a message as unread so that you can revisit it later. These are three things that everyone has wanted and three things that we just got randomly in iOS. And you can also use Share Play with Messages, just like you can on FaceTime. So with Share Play, you can watch a TV show or use an app alongside someone else, so you can communicate via the Messages app, you know, via text instead of a FaceTime call while watching content. All of these features are limited to messages and aren’t available for SMS messages.

Health app

So something to keep in mind there. In the Health app, there’s a new feature for tracking medications, which is pretty nice for those who need to keep track of a lot of medicine. Once you choose the desired medicine from the list, you can then add your schedule of when you need to take it. You can log whether you’ve taken a dose that day or not, and so many more options.

And lastly, if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can now still use the Fitness app in iOS 16 to track your steps and activity, getting an estimation of calories burned and a few other limited features with no Apple Watch required.

[iOS 16 All the New Features] [iOS 16 All the New Features]
[iOS 16 All the New Features]
iOS 16 All the New Features] [iOS 16 All the New Features]

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