FINALLY, The New iOS 16 Beta 5 Has Just Come Out with a Bang!!! What’s new Inside?

The New iOS 16 Beta 5 Finally Out | What's New Inside ? | You Must Need to Know Before Buy an iPhone 14

The New iOS 16 Beta 5 Has Just Come Out with a Bang!!!

SO Finally, The New iOS 16 Beta 5 Has Just Come Out with a Bang!!! Though it is available to developers and hopefully iOS 16 public beta 5 will be out very soon. Now, as you can see, it says 16.0 and there is no beta 5 after it, but on the website, it actually says beta 5. Now, along with this, Apple also released iPad OS 16 beta 5, Watch OS nine beta 5, TV OS 16 beta 5, HomePod OS 16 beta 5, and Mac OS 13 Ventura beta 5.

All of those are available to developers now on all of the supported devices. Now let’s take a look at the build number and talk about what’s new.

So we’ll go to Settings, then we’ll go down to General, then about, and as you can see, the build number is 20.A.5339D. This particular update is getting closer to a final, so it should be more stable and we’ll talk more about when to expect iOS 16 to release to the public a little bit later. Also you can see the modem firmware is 2.09.01. This is an update from beta four, which was 2.08.01.
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]

Battery Percentage

The New iOS 16 Beta 5Now, the first thing that’s new is you may have already noticed the battery percentage is back only unlimited phones though. So if we go into our settings, go back to the battery under the battery. You’ll see here at the top, that it now says battery percentage.

Unfortunately, on certain phones, that’s not available. So on the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, an iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini, that’s not available. For some reason, it’s not there yet. Maybe it will be there in future updates, but they’ve brought it back to everything else. So it’s kind of odd that they’ve done that, but at least it’s there on some of the phones. I know a lot of people have wanted that. Also within the battery, if we scroll way down toward the bottom, you’ll see we have a new section and icon for Continuity Camera. So if you’re using Continuity Camera with macOS Ventura, this will actually show how much time it’s used. You’ll see 1 minute in the background. You will need to connect it for this to show up as well, but we have a new icon for it also.
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]


The New iOS 16 Beta 5Now if we go into music and maybe we’re playing a song, and then we go to the lock screen, you’ll see we have the lock screen widget. However, it has a new waveform here when the music is playing, so it actually shows a waveform. And then the album art is maybe slightly smaller when it’s in the actual widget, but we have a waveform here. If we pause the music, the waveform goes away.

So that’s just a small update to the music widget.

Now also within music, if we go into an album, there’s more information here. So from beta 4 to beta 5, you can see under the album name, it actually says Dance 2022 when it was released. And now it’s telling us that it has Dolby Atmos and Lossless with previous betas It didn’t show that. So that’s just a small update. That’s really nice. So now you know which one is in Atmos or Lossless.

Also when you go into find my to locate a device. So maybe you’re trying. To locate the iPhone 13 Promax, there’s a new sound. So if I go into my Apple Watch, I’ll just locate it under Find. Devices will play a sound and give it just a moment to connect, and it should play a sound.

So that’s the new sound. If you’re trying to locate a device, it’s new to beta 5.
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]


Now, if we go into Settings and then we go to Accessibility. Under Accessibility, we have Control Nearby Devices, which isn’t new, but we have a new icon. So we have control nearby devices and Apple Watch Mirroring. And if we go to Settings, you’ll see here that the icon is actually different for Control Nearby Devices. It’s a slight change, and I’m not sure it better represents Control Nearby Devices. I kind of like the old icon better, but let me know what you think in the comments below.

Image Text Copy

The New iOS 16 Beta 5Now, if we take a screenshot and then we go into the screenshot, maybe we want to copy something. So we’ll just copy this Apple Watch mirroring text, tap on Copy, then hit Done. We’ll now have to copy and delete.

So we now have the option to copy the text, and then it automatically deletes the screenshot instead of just deleting it. So it’s a nice little refinement that they’ve added with beta 5.

[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]


SOS Wording Change

The New iOS 16 Beta 5Now, if we go home and then we go to activate Emergency SOS so what we’ll do is press the side button 5 times on both beta 4 and beta 5 now press 1-2-3-4-5 and as you can see here, there’s a bit of a bug.

And as you can see, they’ve changed the wording ever so slightly from Emergency SOS to Emergency Call with beta 5. So it’s just a small wording change, but something that’s a little bit different.

[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]


AirPods Version between Case

The New iOS 16 Beta 5If we bring in AirPods so these are my AirPods Pro. Let them connect. I’ll just take one out of the case here. Once it’s connected to your device, of course, you’re already familiar with the new dialog that shows up, or the little Settings option. We’ll make sure they’re connected.

Once they’re connected, we’ve got our new Settings pane. And down at the bottom, you’ll see we have the version number. Tap on Version, and we now have a separate settings menu. So it shows the version and the case firmware. Before it was just a single little version number here, you could tap on it and see the case separately. Now it’s actually a separate pane for that.

Minor Additional Setting

I did have a couple of users mentioned to me that when they restarted their phone for the first time, it actually asked them to unlock your SIM. It asked for them to put in their SIM Pin, or they could skip it. So this is something people are seeing if they have a SIM Pin set for cellular data. Not everyone has it. I don’t have it set, but if you do, you will have this option pop up.

Also if you go into automatic updates. So we’ll go back to setting, we’ll go to General and then software updates. You’ll see, first of all, the font is a little bit bolder with the software update, and if we go into automatic updates, it’s spaced a little bit differently. This is a very small change, of course, but I just wanted to point it out as it’s something I noticed when I went into automatic updates.
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]

Splash Screens

The New iOS 16 Beta 5Now, there’s also some new splash screens as well. So the first time you go into photos, you should see a new splash. Screen pop up, you’ll see it says what’s new in Photos shared Library, copy and paste, edits and merge duplicates. We also have a new splash screen in Maps. So if we go into that, give it just a moment there, and we have a splash screen with some new icons that say multi-stop routing, transit cards, and landmarks. Also, if we go into the Home app, we have one also. Also, if we go into Find My App, we all should have one as well. And within Find My, you’ll see that it says What’s new in Find My, Findable when powered off, find my network for AirPods and Refreshed Map. So that’s something new in beta 5.
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]

Bugs and Resolved Issues

Now, within iOS 16, beta 5, and iOS 16 public beta 3, there are  bunch of resolved and known issues as well. If we go into the Feedback app, go under Recent Activity, then under the Notes for beta 5, you’ll see we have some resolved issues. The first one says users can experience slow animations when using Zoom after leaving the Magnifier app. That’s been resolved in beta 5.

The New iOS 16 Beta 5So that’s something that’s new. There’s also known issues, as you can see too there’s eleven known issues. The pointer won’t behave correctly on an external display if the Assistive Touch Accessibility Features enabled disable it while using an external display.

[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]

So again, if we continue down, you’ll see, under CarPlay Wireless, CarPlay can fail to connect. That’s actually been resolved in beta 5. Deleting clock, inadvertently deletes the sleep alarm that’s been resolved as well. So a bunch of fixes in here, not 100 plus fixes like we had with beta 4, but a bunch of bugs have been resolved this time around. And that leads me to, should you install iOS 16 beta 5? and at this point, it will take a few days to know how it is over beta 4. But if you’re already a beta tester, definitely install it. If you’re not already, you may want to hold off a few days until I have a follow-up and I talk more about if it’s fairly stable or not as beta 4 definitely had some issues here and there.


As far as the storage issues or any other bugs, it will take a few days to know if there’s any bugs remaining in this. So storage, we do have iPhone storage for Health that I pointed out with Beta 4. So we’ll give it just a moment to load. And as you can see, If scroll down all the way to the bottom system data. More and more people are asking about this. We wouldn’t worry about this at all. This is a sort of system of caches. So it’s something that Apple uses in the background as they need more storage here and there with different things such as caches.

Releases Point of View

iOS 15.7 could be just a single release that comes in September Last year.  Apple also released iOS 14.8 and that was released in September 2021 or without any betas. So they definitely could do something similar this year, but maybe have a small fix in between with iOS 15.6.1. If so, they could have security updates, but don’t expect any major features or changes.

[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]

There just compatibility with maybe some new changes with iOS 16. As far as iOS 16 public beta 4 and iOS 16 beta 6 for developers at this point. Many people think the next Apple event either will be in the first or second full week of September. Many people think around the 13th and it will be a virtual event with minimal media there as well, similar to WWDC. So I would expect iOS 16 to release sometime in mid September around the iPhone 14 then 14 plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max and Apple Watch, then iPad OS later in October.

That’s what many people are saying at this point. Last year we had beta 5 on August 10, then beta 6th on August 17. So at this point I would expect weekly betas from here on out until the final release. Also, this would have some security updates in it, although Apple doesn’t share those with us until the final version is out. As far as iPadOS 16, beta 5, as far as anything new, it’s all the same as iOS at this point. And if I find anything new, I’ll be sure to share that with you.


Basically, it’s the same thing at this point. All of the changes carry over now as far as battery life. On the iPhone 11 and 8 Plus, I really had no issues over with the new beta 5.
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]


I’ve been looking for new features and things like that, but if we go into music, It has some new features. Scrolling is smooth. Going into different apps is smooth. If you trying to swipe on the 13 Plus and everything seems to be okay so far but I always say let’s give it a few days and we’ll run the geek bench scores then as they’re typically going to take a few days to know what everything is like.


Also as far as iPhone overheating or the phone getting hot is a common topic, But it was surprisingly cool this entire time with my phone. Typically it’s a little bit warmer but as its surely to be so normal.

So, If you’ve found anything else though, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Thank you for your valuable time to come until this line here, If you really think this topic is helpful, then don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Tiktok etc.

As I always say- Stay Safe and Healthy.


[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]
[The New iOS 16 Beta 5]


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