IS Monkeypox Contagious? | What is Monkeypox Virus ?

IS Monkeypox contagious | Monkeypox virus outbreak

What is Monkeypox Virus? | IS Monkeypox Contagious?

What is Monkeypox Virus | IS Monkeypox Contagious? This post is about a matter of concern, now that is the monkeypox virus. So I’ve been researching for a few days regarding discussion on the monkeypox virus, what is monkeypox virus, how the monkeypox virus is spreading, and whether should we concern about the Monkeypox virus at all.

From Where Originated?

IS Monkeypox ContagiousSo the very first things first, in very simple terms I’m going to say whether it’s going to be a matter of concern. The answer is yes, it can be a matter of concern because this monkeypox virus is endemic to African region.

There are two African countries where this monkeypox virus is endemic. That means it causes infections annually in different places.
Particularly it includes Nigeria and also it includes Ghana. So these are the two places where we find near about 3000 to 5000 cases every single year with monkeypox.
[IS Monkeypox Contagious]
But now this virus is being spreading from African countries, particularly the Central Africa and West African region to 12 different other countries. And those 12 other countries we have more than 100 cases right now and that rises the matter of concern.

What is Monkeypox Virus?

Now the first things first is what is monkeypox virus? See, monkeypox virus belong to a family known as Foxy VDD and the Foxy VDD Family of viruses includes smallpox virus. Smallpox virus is similar to that of the monkeypox virus and these viruses that is monkeypox virus. It is a DNA virus. So it has double standard DNA as a genetic material. And this kind of viruses, particularly the possibility family viruses, they have a reservoir and the reserve here is the primates.

For example mammals. So mammals are particularly the primates are the reservoirs and in this case the reserve here is monkey. So suspected reserve is monkeys. We are calling it monkeypox. There are sometimes also suspected reservoir can be dog or other animals. Other vertebrates are also some sort of primates like monkey or chimpanzee like that. So that’s why it’s called as a monkeypox virus. [IS Monkeypox Contagious]

Symptoms of Monkeypox Virus

So now we are going to talk about the symptoms of monkeypox virus. So what happens in monkeypox virus very similar to that of the smallpox cause blisters in the skin throughout the body in different locations, along with that it has fever, along with that it has muscle ache and headaches. These are the common complications that are associated with monkeypox virus.

IS Monkeypox Contagious

Now, what is totally different about monkeypox virus than the small pops is that in monkeypox virus the lymph glands of our body swells up which is known as lymph adenopathy as per medical terms. So lymph adenopathy is something which is unique to monkeypox which is not present in case of smallpox, viral infections.

And whenever the symptoms start to begin, generally fever start and after three to four days of the fever the blister start coming out. And this blisters are ugly and filled with all these viral particles. It can spread from person to person at that time frame and that can be really, really be dangerous. So that’s why it’s very difficult to find out exactly when it started. Well, now we know that this disease has spread over 12 different countries, we can make sure one thing that this disease is being spreading for more than a year or two years ago because we can never be sure how fast it’s spread because the spread is slow. Lengthy process of delivery and after the delivery, generally once this symptoms start to show, the symptoms will stay there and the viral particles will stay there in the body and can actively be spread from the infected person to a normal person. [IS Monkeypox Contagious]

Even up to 24 weeks Yes, 24 weeks. So this disease is going to be there for 24 weeks. Although the blisters may go although your headache and fever and all those symptoms may be gone, but. You will be capable of spreading this infection. You’ll be capable of spreading the virus from you to another healthy person up to 24 weeks. Now imagine 24 weeks, okay? So that means six months approximately.

Way of Prevention

So long after you’re getting cured from this infection, you’re still capable of spreading it. And that makes it really horrible if it starts spreading at a large scale, although the spread ability is less because the visibility of the infection is very high. So we can see it from the outside, so automatically we can isolate that person and we can prevent it. So isolation and prevention measures can be taken.

All right, so what should we do now regarding the monkeypox virus?
The answer to that is we need to move cautiously because recently we came out of this COVID and still not completely over yet because new sporadic infections will come and go as we mentioned earlier. So right now with another virus WHO is extra cautious this time and also as it’s being spreading into different European countries, the head of the WHO from the European site, they are always being planned and to prevent it further.

So obviously we need to do rigorous screening and particularly anybody coming from Africa, these endemic places and also the places where the new infection found in all those twelve different countries, anyone is struggling there and coming back. We need to do a proper screening and testing to find out if there is any infection in an individual because we need to stop it from entering into our country because this disease is very much endemic to the African country, particularly the countries that we discussed earlier. [IS Monkeypox Contagious]

So it should be endemic to that place, it should not spread from that place to the other because in those places of the central African, western African countries generally, when this disease is manifested, in this disease is found, 1 out of 10 affected individual has a higher chance of death. So 1 out of 10, so 10% of chance of death among the individual incurred dividers. So we need to understand the 10% of death rate is really big and even far more than the COVID-19 itself. So, What we need to do, we need to have proper cautious, measure, when traveling to different international places and also proper screening and everything needed. But again, we need to screen people in the airport level and also if anything suspicious found, we need to initiate the isolation and treatment process that should be maintained. [IS Monkeypox Contagious]

WHO Reports

IS Monkeypox Contagious

So here we can clearly see the WHO received reports of 92 confirmed and 28 suspected Monkeypox cases from 12 different countries on 26 of May 2022.

So here you can see the places in Canada=05, in the USA=05 so Total=10 in this two country Besides this Germany also UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Israel, Sweden and Australia.So in this European countries, just all these European countries together, 30 in total.
America & Canada 10 and Australia has also 05. [IS Monkeypox Contagious]

These are the total number of cases right now spreading in particularly, they all started somewhere from the Africa, particularly central Africa and Western African places. Okay, this is as of May 23, 2022.

IS Monkeypox ContagiousThat’s the report. This number may grow up in the upcoming weeks because this is the condition of monkey pox throughout the body. The blisters will come up like this.

So that’s all about monkeypox virus and monkeypox virus infection. And if there’s anything new coming out about the monkeypox virus, we’ll be discussing about that later as well. So that’s all about it. If you liked my post, Please rate it and share this post with your friends and colleagues so that they get to know about monkeypox virus in details.

And thank you so much to come until this line. I will be so happy if you mention your thought in the comment section regarding the monkeypox virus.

[IS Monkeypox Contagious]
[IS Monkeypox Contagious]
[IS Monkeypox Contagious]

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