Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us | If Its Not Prepared Properly

Daily Common Foods That Can be Toxic If Not Prepared Properly

Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us

You are going to learn about some of the Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us if not properly prepared for eating.
Stop eating these foods, as they can not only make you sick but, if not prepared properly, poison you to death.

List of Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us.

Apple Seeds | Fugu or Pufferfish | Rhubarb | Elderberries | Red Kidney Beans | Castor Oil Seeds or Beans | Lychee | Nutmegs | Potatoes | Cashews | kiwi Skin

Apple Seeds

Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsNo, it’s not because an apple day keeps a doctor away. It’s because apple seeds contain amygdalin, a compound that’s broken down by your gut into cyanide. That’s why they actually taste bitter. Cyanide is actually a poison that hurts your blood’s ability to carry oxygen, leading to hypoxemia and eventually death.

Good news, though your body can actually break down small amounts of cyanide, and you’d have to eat hundreds or even thousands of seeds to be at risk for poisoning.

[Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us]

Fugu or Pufferfish

Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsAs seen in movies, pufferfish and the dish prepared for it can be extremely poisonous. The ovaries, intestines, and liver of fugu contain tetrodotoxin, which is a neurotoxin that’s up to 1200 times more deadly than cyanide. Fugu chefs must undergo years of training to obtain a proper preparing license. And despite these precautions, numerous people still die every year from their fugu being improperly prepared.

This puffer poisoning usually results from the consumption of incorrectly prepared puffer soup called fugu Cherie, or occasionally from raw puffer meat known as sashimi fugu. If it’s not correctly prepared, fugu can paralyze your nervous system and shut down your respiratory muscles, meaning this fish can cause you to drown when you’re not even in the water.


Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsRhubarb is a plant whose stock is often used in pies muffins cakes. And although rhubarb is botanically a vegetable, it’s classified as a fruit here in the United States. Their leaves contain high levels of oxalic acid, which is a corrosive and acidic substance that can lead to kidney failure and even death. And I stress high levels because other healthy vegetables, like broccoli and spinach, also have oxalic acid. And they’re just fine for us.

So don’t use this as an excuse to skip out on your veggies. It’s truly the dose that makes the poison. Actually, a wild story is that during World War I, when the vegetable stock was really low, the leaves were mistakenly recommended as a food source in Britain, leading to poisonings and even deaths.


Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us[Sambucus] Okay, I admit, elderberries are delicious and actually not poisonous if cooked and ripe. But the rest of the tree they grow on, including its twigs, leaves, roots, and seeds, contain bitter alkaloids that produce hydrocyanic acid. If elderberries aren’t fully ripe or strained properly when they’re processed, they can cause nausea, vomiting, and severe, severe diarrhea.

According to the CDC, there was actually an instance when eight people attending a religious ceremony in Monterey County were airlifted to the hospital after drinking a special juice that had been made with, among other things, elderberry leaves and branches.
They all survived, but not before violently, violently vomiting just 15 minutes after drinking the juice. Make sure you know who’s making your drinks and with what.

Red Kidney Beans

Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsActually, a lot of legumes can cause an upset stomach when undercooked. But red kidney beans certainly take the cake and that’s. That’s because red kidney beans contain a natural protein called lectin.

Within just a few hours of consuming PHA, symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain may appear.

[Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us]

Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us This PHA is the bean’s natural Défense system, like our immune system. But rest assured, served as PHA is destroyed by proper preparation. And legumes are most definitely a healthy source of protein if properly prepared. But it’s not just a matter of cooking them.

In fact, according to the FDA, cooking dried red kidney beans for less than ten minutes at any temperature less than boiling can actually increase the toxicity fivefold, making them far more toxic than if you just ate them raw.

Castor oil seeds or Beans

Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsCastor oil is notoriously known for being used as a laxative to help you push. Specifically, it’s a stimulant laxative, meaning that it increases the movement of the muscles and intestines, helping out with constipation. However, if you watch the show Breaking Bad or my reaction to the show, you know that the deadly poison ricin shown on the show is made by crushing castor seeds.

It is reassuring to know that to make castor oil from the seeds, we use heat during the oil extraction process to actually destroy the toxin.

[Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us]


Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsLychee sangria, Lychee martini, Lychee ice creams are yummy!! Lychees are delicious and are hydrating fruit that has many health benefits if eaten correctly and in moderation. But if you’re eating raw green, unripe, and Lychees on an empty stomach, that can prove to be extremely dangerous to your health.

For 20 years, doctors observed an alarming trend in the northern region of India, where every spring, hundreds of children would randomly have seizures, and slip into comas, dying in 40% of the cases. Fail test after fail test later, scientists finally determined that the underfed children were eating unripe and leaches that fell to the ground, and they contained high levels of a naturally occurring amino acid derivative called Hypoglycemia. This caused the children to wake screaming in the night before suffering convulsions and losing consciousness as they suffered acute swelling of their brains. Luckily, since this discovery, incidents from unripe and leeches in India have fallen to under 50 a year.


Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsGet this the delicious little bit of nutmeg that you add to your pasta, eggnog and sauces may be yummy, but over ingesting the spice can actually be fatal. Numeric contains a compound called myristicin, a psychoactive substance that in larger doses can actually poison your system and cause organ failure. Myristicin is actually cytotoxic, meaning that it instructs your own cells to destroy themselves. In fact, just eating two, three teaspoons of nutmeg can result in seizures, irregular heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth pain, and hallucinations, similar to the ones people get when taking Peyote.

I still remember my med school toxicology professor sharing that nutmeg is metabolized into MMDA in the body to produce hallucinogenic effects and as a result has romantically and historically been linked as a potential way to get high. Trust me though. This is a horrible, horrible idea as the vomiting and toxicity make it a terrible recreation. Drug. There are also no known current antidotes for meres Dyson poisoning, and treatment focuses on symptom management and airway protection only.


Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsPotatoes are not poisonous in the way that we usually consume them, so relax. But if you consume a green potato or even one with a greenish tint, it likely means that a glycoalkaloid poison named Solanine is also present. This is an actual nerve toxin that can result in vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis, and even death if ingested in very high amounts. Also, you know those little sprouts and stems that we commonly refer to as eyes that grow on potatoes as they age, they contain the same glycol alkaloid.
So don’t eat the stems. Don’t eat green potatoes.

And remember, just because potatoes are technically a vegetable doesn’t mean they can replace your broccoli at dinner.


Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsDid you know that, unlike money, cashews do grow on trees. And you probably have seen me eat raw cashews on this channel as a snack. But truth be told, they’re not actually raw. And thank God for that. Cashews have to be treated to remove urushiol, which is a poisonous chemical. It’s actually the same chemical that causes a poison ivy rash. Consuming truly raw cashews straight from the tree can cause skin rashes and extreme, sometimes fatal allergic reactions.

Now, for the one that you’re supposed to eat.


Kiwi Skin

Daily Common Foods That Can Kill UsSome of you may not like its texture, but health benefit-wise, it’s really solid. The skin contains nutrients like fiber, folate, vitamin C, and E.

Adding the skin of the kiwi boosts the fruit’s fibre content by 50%. And as someone who’s struggling to get my fibre, the furry skin texture may be worth the trade off.

[Daily Common Foods That Can Kill Us]


However, as a little word of warning, if you have a tendency to develop kidney stones, you may want to look elsewhere for your antioxidant kick. Which is healthier.

So If you like the brief description of this topic then share it with your friends and family, also do let us know your thought by commenting below. I will be happy to know your thought.

And as always, stay happy and healthy.

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