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The Most Anticipated Best Upcoming Movies List of 2023 & 2024

The Most Anticipated Best Upcoming Movies List

There’s only one thing to look forward to, and that’s Best Upcoming Movies future movies. With Sci-Fi, romance, horror, and action-packed movies. What’s in store for us this upcoming 2023 and 2024 will only get better.

Read until the end because you’re not going to want to miss this.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

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After the infamous defeat of Amber Heard in her case against Johnny Depp DC. Fans are left wondering what’s in store for mera in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. With archaic entities and powers unleashed in Atlantis, Aquaman is forced to make alliances with the most unexpected characters in the film. How far is Arthur willing to go to save his kingdom?

Fantastic 4

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A 2024 Marvel Movie remake starring John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic. Olivia Foy as Invisible Woman, Michael Chichlas as The Thing, and Joe Keri as Human Torch. The movie is planned to be set in the 60s based on the movie Fantastic Four live story. Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, is assigned by the government of the United States to create a spaceship big enough to send thousands of people to outer space to keep them away from the terrors of the Soviet Union. Best Upcoming Movies

The Marvels

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Marvels, serving as the Captain Marvel two movie stars, brie Larson, along with Tiana Paris and Monique Rambeau and Iman Valani as Ms. Marvel. It explores the story of Carol and her now adult niece Monica as a travel and flight intergalactic monsters. In the series Wanda Vision, it was shown that Monica gained powers after being constantly exposed to Wanda’s protective barrier. Set to release on July 28, 2023, the marbles is also expected to be to continue of the Disney Plus show. Miss Marvel.

Godzilla vs Kong Two

Best Upcoming Movies

Godzilla vs. Kong Two is not the official title, but the rumor title is Son of Kong.

However, this is not verified. The movie will venture out more on where the Titans come from and why they want to reach the surface so badly. And most especially, why now? In Godzilla vs Kong. Dr. Lynn thought Kong. A gruesome battle back in Hong Kong. But as it turns out, Godzilla was the real victor but refused to kill Kong. However, Kong’s species aren’t weak because they managed to defeat Godzilla before. In the present movie, a lot of questions unanswered by the previous movie will be resolved. Why the heated battle and who will be the real winner in this battle?  Best Upcoming Movies

Mission Impossible
(Dead Reckoning-Part Two)

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Tom Cruise’s last appearance in the Mission Impossible 28 years movie series Dead Reckoning Part Two is set to be the best. Ethan Hunt is set on a trip to Sydney, Australia to once again save the world. His mission is to get rid of a scientific and artificial disease named Camara that gives the drinker a gruesome death unless given the cure. The last-minute movie of the series was set to release in August 2022, but because of COVID, plans were changed to give the iconic Mission Impossible series a proper goodbye.


Dungeons and Dragons (Honor among thieves)

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When Stranger Things was released six years ago, people couldn’t help but be more drawn by the mythical creatures of DND. And now they finally get the liberty of having another of their own movies starring Chris Pine, cute Grant Reed’s, Jim Page, and more. This film starts with a thief and a barbarian escaping from the years of prison. But as it turns out, the thief was also a harper in the past, seeking out his revenge on the man that caused their capture and stabbed them in the back. He reunites once more with the rest of his team, a pretty much useless wizard and a Druid. With their resources, they find their mission impossible after they find out their mortal enemy is an ally of Red Wizard, AKA. One of the strongest wizards in the world.
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Despicable Me Poor

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Following the story of Grew, Lucy, Agnes, Drew, Edith and Margo, and of course, the iconic minions Kevin, Bob and Stewart, the game goes directly to their next mission. Just after they defeated Balthazar bratt during their celebrity party, another set of villains arises to challenge the safety of the citizens. In September 2024, join the gang as two sisters, Pandora and Ophelia Caligari, are on their mission to destroy Austrian State Park and build their evil museum instead of jeopardizing the safety of their city.

Paranormal Activity.
(The other Side)

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Excited to go off to college. Living in your dorms with your bestest friends? You might have your second thoughts when you watch this movie. It tells the story of four friends annie, Jen, Mila and Isabel Holy. This isn’t your happy-go-lucky college student, because after moving into their house for college image, they start to notice and observe the eerie details that connect them to a deadly 1988 incident. Will they survive through their power of friendship? Or will the ghost of the past haunt them to the death?


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Based on the novel Juliet in 2010 by Anne 48, it tells the story of Julie Jacobs. The protagonist finds out that she is a descendant of the classic tragic love story Romeo and Juliet. What she thought was pure fantasy was real after all. But the curse of her ancestors story doesn’t end in their story alone. Juliet Jacob has to find a way to stop the curse that killed her parents, her grandparents, her parents grandparents, and so on before it gets to her.
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Wonder Woman Three


Best Upcoming MoviesStarring the daughter of the mighty Zoos, Diana Prince has protected mankind for more than a century, as seen in her previous two movies. However, as times go modern, her enemies become more dangerous than ever, equipped with high-tech weapons and perhaps stronger deities. Specifically, the Envious Enchantress Cersei, played by Delta Swinton, forcing the Demigod Protector to create an alliance with unlikely saviors in even the Justice League.
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Ever wondered how atomic bombs came to be or what his creator had in mind for the use of such a destructive weapon? In this movie, the story of such questions will be told, telling the life of Robert Otto Oppenheimer, an American scientist who played a major and fundamental part in the creation of atomic bombs. It’s a movie history drama starring Matthew Modine as the leading man and other actors jack Quaid, Tillian Murphy, and Florence Pugh.
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Rebel Moon

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After living in a place of peace and serenity for so long, many would not expect to have the best soldiers in the area. In the colony’s efforts to fight against Balazarius, a dictatorial race, they secretly send a young woman to travel throughout the universe to find strong soldiers to fight their battle in order to save their colony. However, Korra, the protagonist played by Sofia Boutella, is a woman of secrets and mystery. Will her efforts be enough to save their home?
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The Tiger’s

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Death turns a lot of people’s lives upside down. But Tom’s life turns into fantasy when he’s mentioned by a tiger on how to fight. When his grandmother, who happens to be a Phoenix egg protector, dies during a war, her responsibilities are passed on to his Chinese American grandson to protect the egg.
When his lessons are supervised by the magical tiger, he finds out that he comes from a family of protectors known as the Guardians. In order to fight the greater evil, he had to bring back the zodiac animals that were known as the greatest warriors.
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Rendezvous with Rama

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Inspired by the novel written by Arthur C. Clarke in 1973, this highly anticipated movie is set in the future, about a century from now. When a huge asteroid hit Italy in 2077, the government baited a mission to find out why it came unprecedented, the movie is told from the astronaut’s point of view, trying to decipher the mysteries of the 50 by 20 kilometer alien starship named Rama that entered our solar system. Observed in 2131 around the orbit of Jupiter, a solar vessel was sent out to study the cryptic ship. Will it attack or simply observe our worlds?
Best Upcoming Movies

It’s safe to say a lot is in store for the next two years.

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